Men's Housing

Sailor Residence Hall

Men's dorms on campus are a great place to build community and create lifelong friendships.


Brotherhood. Tradition. Acceptance. These are the core pieces of the Oakwood-Slater hall experience. Bethel doesn’t need fraternities because we have Oakwood. These four walls, 45 rooms, and 99 beds have been around for 52 years.

And if the walls could tell stories, they’d include late night Taco Bell runs, full scale Nerf wars, Dude Week, and our five-year undefeated run in the Oakwood-Manges Football Game. But mostly they’d talk about of a sense of community so intense it hangs in the air. Bethel’s not a party school and Oakwood’s not a party dorm. It’s also not the prettiest dorm you’ll see, but we can guarantee the Oakwood experience at Bethel is second to none. Be a part of the Oakwood legacy and make your freshman year something you’ll tell your kids and grandkids about!

Double Room


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Manges Hall

In most residential areas, it’s rare that students live in the same building all four years of college. Manges Hall seems to be an exception. Freshmen through seniors live in close-knit community that offers suite and “super-suite” style rooms. Manges is a space where you can plug in and engage our vibrant community by grabbing a meal at The Acorn, working on your New Year’s resolutions in the Sailor Weight/Cardio Room, hanging out with the ladies of Tuckey in the Great Room, or making yourself a late night snack in a shared full-sized kitchen. Manges also offers you a space to dig deeper through all-dorm Bible Studies in the ManCave and our annual Dude Week, an electronic-free, event-filled week. In Manges, there is always a spot for you at the table. Whether it’s sharing a meal or playing a board game, everybody is welcome. (Manges is housed in the Sailor Residential Facility.)

Sleeping Area

First Floor

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Second Floor

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Founder's Village

Brenneman and Ramseyer

In Founder’s Village, our goal is to have every door open and every person in relationship with others. Our apartment-style living makes Founder’s a unique and lively place. It’s also great for those students who want to enjoy the privacy of and comfort of having more room than normal campus housing. Whether it’s space, community, privacy or a party, Founder’s is an incredible place to live.

An apartment in Brenneman

Brenneman Floorplan

Ramseyer Floorplan

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Eastwood is an apartment-style residence made up of eight 2- or 3-person suites. Each suite has a living area, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a bedroom. Eastwood offers wireless Internet access, laundry facilities, secure swipe access, and its own parking lot, all conveniently located near the Sailor Residential Facility.

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What to Bring: Room set-up guide and packing checklist

Residential Living Guides (PDF)

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