Global and Community Engagement

How will you transform the world?

Whether you choose Study Abroad for a semester, join a short-term Task Force Team or work close to home through our Urban Ministry Experience, you will have the opportunity to impact the world around you.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad Options

Semester Abroad: Study abroad for an entire semester gaining a new perspective in a different culture, while also earning academic credit. Read about it.

Summer Travel: Spend the summer earning academic credit while exploring a new part of the world. Find out more.

Summer International Internships with World Partners: Pre-field orientation at Bethel University prepares students for the Summer International Internships. Learn more.

Urban Ministry Experience

Through Transformation Ministries, Bethel students can experience living, learning and serving in an under-resourced neighborhood in the South Bend community.

Learn about Transformation Ministries.

Task Force Service Teams

Task Force Teams are a great opportunity to get a glimpse of another culture while also serving in tangible ways. Bethel’s short-term missions teams have been serving in locations at home and around the world for more than 25 years. Students raise support and participate in a variety of ministries during the couple of weeks they spend away from home.

Join a group of Bethel University faculty, staff and students to serve on a short-term team. Each year Bethel offers a variety of teams that serve in the United States as well as around the world.

Upcoming Trips

Alaska: Ministry and immersion with Alaskan Natives
Thailand: Experience God’s vision through community development
Camino de Santiago: A pilgrimage of spiritual formation and service
Guatemala: 2019 Nursing Task Force

Task Force FAQs

What is a Task Force?

A Task Force team is a group of Bethel College students that travels outside the walls of Bethel College (typically internationally) for the purpose of serving in a short-term mission capacity.

What is the cost of a Task Force trip?

The cost of a Task Force trip varies depending on the location and year. Typically, a trip will range from $1,400-$2,200 per student.

How are Task Force locations selected?

Task Force locations are chosen in a variety of ways. Whether based on an established relationship that Bethel College has with a short-term mission organization or a missionary known by the college, we try to select locations that are not only of interest to students, but that also provide opportunities for high-levels of service and impact for participants and for those we serve.

Who can participate in a Task Force?

Any Bethel student is eligible to apply to be part of a Task Force team. Final approval will be given based on the student’s application, interview and standing with the Student Development Office (inclusive of residential and disciplinary issues, chapel attendance, and health concerns).

How does fundraising work for a Task Force team?

The main source of fundraising is done through sending out support letters. We provide official letterhead, envelopes and helpful instructions on how to effectively raise support. You are responsible for all postage and actually mailing your support letters. Gifts given toward your Task Force trip by donors are tax deductible.

Are gifts given toward my Task Force tax deductible?

Yes. Any gifts made directly to Bethel College and designated for your team will be tax deductible for the year in which they are given.

Can I pay for a Task Force on my school bill?

Most Task Force teams do not earn credit because the nature of the program is service. However, there may occasionally be a Summer Travel program that is offered in conjunction with a Task Force team.

How do I apply for a Task Force?

Log in to MyBethel, join the Task Force Group, click on the “Apply Now!” link on the left hand banner, and click on the link: “Start New Application.”

Can I earn credit for a Task Force?

Most Task Force teams do not earn credit because the nature of the program is service. However, there may occasionally be a Summer Travel program that is offered in conjunction with a Task Force team.

Support Task Force Trips

Give online securely. Follow this link.

Meet the Director

Tyler Grant

Tyler Grant

Titles: Director of Global Engagement and Career Services, Adjunct Faculty

Contact Us

The Semester Abroad and Task Force Office is open Monday through Friday from 1-5 p.m. and is located in the Miller/Moore Academic Center, Room 349.

To reach our department, call 574.807.7124 or email,


To apply for a study abroad or task force program, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log in to MyBethel
  2. Join the group “Semester Abroad” or “Task Force”
  3. Once you have joined a group, select the link titled “Apply Now!” on the left hand banner
  4. Select the link “Start New Application”
  5. Select the program to which you are applying. Keep in mind the application takes about 20-30 minutes and you will need to have the following items on hand: passport, three e-mail addresses for your references (including your Resident Director and a Faculty member), and information regarding recent medical situations.