Diversity and Inclusion

facts on student diversity population

We're Serious, Because It Matters

The Diversity and Inclusion agenda at Bethel University is an institutional response to achieve academic and institutional excellence.Through excellence, we can address the needs and inequalities of historically disadvantaged individuals or groups, while fostering a learning environment and inclusive community for all students, faculty and staff to succeed in an increasingly diverse society. These groups include: Students of color, low-income students, first generation students, women, Deaf community, University employees.

Graph showing IPEDS 2018-19 graduation rates

According to data from the most recent IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) report, Bethel University is a leader among its peers in graduating students of color. The graph above shows that Bethel overall graduation rate of 71% is 10% higher than that of our peer comparison group, which consists of nine schools in our region with similar size, mission and demographics. It also shows that graduation rates among students of color were also higher overall vs. our peer comparison group – 29% higher for Asian students, 21% higher for Black or African American Students, 19% higher for Hispanic/Latino students and 37% higher for students of two or more races.

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