Leadership Opportunities

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Bethel University believes leadership skills are valuable assets for each individual.

The following co-curricular opportunities are available to develop students as leaders for the community, the world and the Kingdom of God. Contact your academic advisor to learn more about any of these opportunities.

Dr. Billy Kirk Social Justice & Leadership Award

Awarded to students of color within the incoming freshmen class who demonstrate a commitment to peace, community service and social justice. The award is based on the student’s academic record, personal interview, essay, reference letters, extracurricular activities, leadership involvement and financial need. Finalists are required to live on campus and attend a summer retreat. The deadline to apply is Nov. 1 — now extended to Mar. 31.

Bethel University Honors Program

The Bethel University Honors Program (BUHP) is a community of driven; intellectually curious students that strive together to integrate deep faith, undaunted reflection and courageous action. We eat, play games and watch movies together. We read and discuss great texts of Western literature, and we attend academic colloquia at major universities in the area. We volunteer at local charities, and we host a campus-wide intellectual enrichment series at Bethel. We go on spiritual retreats together, and we visit museums and art exhibitions. BUHP offers an enriched intellectual environment that nourishes faith, expands emotions and sharpens the mind through engaged community.


The Campus Activities Board (CAB) at Bethel University is an organization that recruits creative, enthusiastic individuals to help plan and execute quality events for the student body. The CAB is a key player in college programming, as well as an excellent growth experience for its members. CAB members will learn project management, leadership and collaborative skills, and have the opportunity to make a tangible impact on the campus community.

FYE Mentors

FYE Mentors serve as the student leadership in our First Year Experience Program. Mentors guide students through what it means to become a Bethel University student by answering questions regarding academics, being a connecting point for engaging the Bethel community and encouraging first years through some of the challenges they will encounter during their first semester. Each FYE group will have two mentors (one male and one female) who will foster a family atmosphere for the students in the program. FYE mentors are the student leadership who bridge the gap between academics and Student Life.


This annual event is targeting current and prospective campus leaders. A special guest facilitator is invited to campus for a weekend to guide students through innovative and interactive leadership experiences.


The Resident Assistant (RA) position provides a living and learning experience for the student who desires to grow through building personal relationships with other students, staff and faculty members. The RA position offers hands-on leadership training and practical experience in the areas of interpersonal relating, counseling referral, confrontation, personal development, programming and administrative responsibilities. The RA serves as a representative of the college and is expected to live out the Christian life with character and integrity alongside residents, faculty, staff, administration and the surrounding community.

Spiritual Life Team

The Spiritual Life Team is a student led group charged with supporting and maintaining the spiritual vibrancy of Bethel University 's campus. The team meets monthly for times of prayer and planning to ensure that student led spiritual life programming exists to serve our students. Spiritual Life Team members are involved in Vespers programming, regular prayer and discipleship gatherings, and they lead larger campus wide events including Scripture 66 and the Collegiate Day of Prayer.

Student Council

Student Council (StuCo) exists for the Bethel University student body and serves as a liaison with the administration and faculty. The council advances student and community interests as well as encourages and funds student clubs. For further information contact, please email Student Council.