Campus Safety

We are located south of the Middleton Hall of Science and are a 24/7 department employing non-sworn safety officers who patrol campus and respond to emergencies and other service related calls. Additional staff members work in other support positions in the department. Bethel University safety officers meet specified training requirements and maintain specified certifications.

Our staff frequently works with city, county, state and federal law enforcement authorities. Agencies cooperate whenever possible on investigations and crime prevention programs to provide the best possible security and police services to our campus and local community.

Contact Campus Safety from campus phones by dialing 7-7500 or from off campus at 574.807.7500. For emergencies, an on-duty officer can be reached at 574.292.8100.

The Bethel Campus Safety Department (BCSD) supports the University in its mission by providing services that promote a safe campus environment and experience for our Bethel community.

BCSD is a service organization promoting a safe campus experience. We provide services with professionalism and excellence. We are trained individuals working together as a team. We reflect the values of Bethel while carrying out our assignments, and strive to do so with the utmost respect for the Bethel community.


Paul Neel

Paul Neel

Titles: Director of Campus Safety
Phone Numbers:
Work: 574.807.7035