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Special Collections

Bethel College houses three archives related to the library. 

Bethel University Archives

The Bethel University Archives is the repository for materials related to Bethel. It is located in the basement of the Bowen Library, and the curator is Kevin Blowers.

Otis Bowen Museum and Archives

The Otis Bowen Museum and Archives is the repository for the materials of Gov. Otis Bowen. Gov. Bowen was governor of Indiana in 1970s, and served as the Secretary for Health & Human Services under the Reagan administration. The museum and archives are available on an appointment basis, through  Clyde Root.

Missionary Church Archives

The archives of the Missionary Church, as the memory center for records of historical significance, is a collection of the official papers of the denomination as well as materials relating to its origin and development. Its task is to organize and preserve these materials so they may be a valuable resource for reference and research.


Kevin Blowers

Kevin Blowers

Titles: Technical Services Librarian
Timothy Erdel

Timothy Erdel

Titles: Professor of Religion and Philosophy, Archivist & Theological Librarian, Professor in the Committee on the Humanities