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Masked admission staff and faculty greet 2019 graduates who didn't get a traditional commencement.

Current Bethel Status Report

  • YELLOW COVID-19 risk level: 
    • Virus prevalence is moderate in local counties and/or at the university.
  • Change in quarantine timeframe:
    • The CDC has released updated guidance, endorsed by the Indiana Department of Health and St. Joseph Department of Heath, that can reduce the length of quarantine for close contacts who do not develop symptoms. We are hopeful that the adoption of this quarantine approach within our community will ease the burden of time away for those who remain healthy. Read more about this guidance.
    • In summary, the reduced quarantine guidance allows for a close contact who does not exhibit symptoms to return after:
      • 10 days from last exposure
      • OR 7 days from the last known exposure with a negative test result.
  • Before you Return to campus:
    • If you tested positive for COVID-19 over the semester break, send a copy of your test results to the COVID Response Team ( This allows our community exposure information to be accurate when we resume in-person learning (and may prevent you from needing to quarantine or test again).
    • If you develop symptoms in the 10 days prior to returning to campus, please consider testing and delay your return to campus until you have recovered.
  • Spring Semester 2021 modifications - class begins Jan. 11 
    • Classes begin two days later to allow a space of more than 14 days from Christmas gatherings and more than 10 days from New Year’s gatherings to the return to campus.
    • We continue to remind all of our community members to be diligent in our mitigation measures, including daily self-checks, wearing face coverings, and physical distancing. 
    • Spring Break will be adjusted to March 1-3 (Mon.-Wed.) 
    • Easter break will be observed April 1 and 2 (Thurs. and Fri.), as originally planned
    • Final's week will remain April 26-29 and Commencement is scheduled for May 1, 2021
    • Get full details here.
  • View Bethel's COVID-19 Response Plan for 2020-2021 here, along with a summary page that outlines campus protocols and procedures. See below for more information and resources. Details will continue to be updated as we receive new information from national, state and local authorities.

COVID-19 Response Plan Documents

Here are the complete plan documents (PDFs) outlining our return to campus for you to download for quick reference:

Modifications for Orange COVID-19 Status

Winter Term Classes

Testing, Quarantine, Isolation

Campus Procedures and Guidelines for Fall 2020

Financial Information

Previously Released Information

If you're looking for older information on Bethel's response to COVID-19, visit our Archive page.

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