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Current Bethel Status Report

Bethel Community members are expected to monitor their health on a regular basis. This includes staying home and seeking medical advice when symptoms arise and following campus guidelines regarding COVID-19.

Isolation/Quarantine Guidelines

For Those Who Test Positive:
  • Isolate for 5 days
    • Residential students should return home to isolate whenever possible. Students who are unable to return home may be provided campus isolation space as available.
  • Return to regular activities on day 6 if asymptomatic or symptoms are resolving, and continue to mask for 5 additional days
For Those Exposed:
  • Regardless of vaccination status, if asymptomatic, wear a mask and continue regular activities; test on day 5 if possible
  • If symptoms develop, follow isolation guidelines
Consult the following resources as needed:
Updated November 17, 2022

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Previously Released Information

If you're looking for older information on Bethel's response to COVID-19, visit our Archive page.