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Welcome BU-X Students

A Word from Bethel's President

Welcome, Ministry partners!  An evangelistic zeal fuels our partnership plans with churches.  We like to say, “We can’t influence students we don’t have.”  It’s the same for you.  So, let’s work together and do like the Apostle Paul did – find and serve people who are “standing and pleading” for what we have to offer (Acts 16:9-10).  It will be a great adventure together!

Gregg A. Chenoweth, Ph.D.
Bethel University President


Boldly informed and motivated by the Christian faith, Bethel University educates and energizes men and women for excellence in leadership, scholarship, and service. We prepare graduates to serve in strategic capacities to renew minds, live out biblical truth, transform culture, and advance the gospel.

Program Vision

Our vision includes helping students advance toward their educational goals by creating an opportunity that is affordable, accredited, local, practical and supported. This program is helping to reach students who may not otherwise attend a post-secondary school. BU-X is also creating opportunities for students who may not be able to afford the traditional four-year college experience. And lastly, the extension site program is giving students an opportunity to learn and grow by gaining practical work experience. 

Bethel University Accreditation

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