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Hear from Nappanee Missionary Church Senior Pastor Dave Engbrecht and the first class of BU@NMC students.

Current Locations

Nappanee Missionary Church building, a BUX location.


Nappanee Missionary Church
Nappanee, Ind.

"The Bethel Extension Studies program partners the power of a Bethel University degree with the spiritual nurturing and practical application of the local church. The increasing costs of education and the uncertainty of current realities in the world make BU-X a nice educational/experiential alternative to an on-campus residential opportunity. I fully believe BU-X will multiply the Kingdom impact in the young adults /adults and also the lives of those they touch."

st mark missionary church, building photo

St. Mark School of Ministry

St. Mark Missionary Church
Mishawaka, Ind.

"This program will train and mentor young leaders to step into their leadership role with knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to help these leaders be able to tackle the future problems this world will be facing in the future, and help them be resilient and have the confidence to lead in whatever climate God takes them into." 

Adam Sharp, Associate Pastor
grace church, building photo with rainbow over it


Grace Church
Camby, Ind.

"Too often, a prospective student’s quest to gain a college education feels like a series of hurdles to jump, with some hurdles that can seem impossibly high: moving away from home, staggering tuition costs, lack of a clear career outcome, and losing one’s network of close friends and family to name a few. The Bethel Extension Studies program doesn’t just lower hurdles, it obliterates them! With BU Extension Studies, a path to higher education has been created that offers students an education that is local, affordable, practical and supportive."

Nate Patterson, Student Ministries Pastor
Logo for BUX Central Fort Wayne
Logo for BUX Central Fort Wayne

New locations announced:

BU@The Bridge, Decatur, Ind.

BU@HMC, Bluffton, Ind.

BU@TMC, Constantine, Mich.

BU@River City, Selma, Texas

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