Affiliate Model

Learn how the BU-X model works when multiple churches combine to form one site.

The Affiliate Hub Model

  • The Affiliate Hub Model allows a group of churches to form a working relationship that is mutually beneficial.
  • The model allows students from all churches to attend Bethel at a central location while maintaining their focused commitment to their local church.
  • Apprenticeships are able to take place back in the home churches or community locations.
  • Like a city or county-wide evangelistic campaign, all churches recruit students from their full range of influence (youth group, public and private schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs, etc.) for a common ministry.


  • One church serves as the school Site where classes are held.
  • The Site Director is hired by that church and serves as the program director. The Site Director coordinates with the BU-x team at Bethel.
  • The church signs an agreement with Bethel to serve as the primary Site.
  • Assumes responsibility for the success of the relationships with Affiliate churches.



  • Commits in writing with Bethel and the Hub church to participate in good faith in conflict resolution, recruitment, marketing, in hosting apprenticeships arranged by the Site Director, and bearing its own insurance liability.
  • In this partnership, the affiliate church commits to shepherd students, to host apprenticeships as needed, and to initiate the recruitment of new students.


  • Of the annual $10,000 in charges per student, per year, $2,500 is returned to the Hub church, from which the Site Director distributes $500 per year to the Affiliate who recruited and mentors the student. Affiliates and Hubs may alter that arrangement, but Bethel refunds only the Hub directly.
  • If an Affiliate can recruit 8-10 students per year, they should consider becoming their own Hub and hiring their own Site Director.
  • The marketing match funds are $3,000 per year by Bethel to a church working on its own, but $5,000 per year in the Affiliate Hub model. This is also paid to the Hub directly, then distributed to Affiliates by the Site Director depending on the group’s marketing plan, share of creative effort and expenses.