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The extension studies program is for all high school graduates and interested young adults who look to discover and embrace their God-given mission within a platform of vocational ministry or the marketplace. 

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Here's how it works: A local church or organization near you works with Bethel University to become an extension site. Bethel University is a fully accredited institution authorized to award associate, bachelor's and master’s degrees. The extension studies program offers two-year associate degrees and four-year bachelor's degrees available from Bethel University. Both degrees offer valuable life experience, leadership development, and training from serving in a local ministry, business or organization. 

This is not a typical online program. Bethel University is providing online courses in an accelerated hybrid model for 7-week courses (two sessions each semester); students take two to three courses each 7-week session. Many classes contain a live teaching session and/or pre-recorded lecture. This is a highly interactive classroom experience. However, this program comes at just a fraction of the cost of the traditional university experience. 

Here's how you enroll: Students who want to enroll in a degree program at an Extension Site or Regional Campus, must first apply to the Extension Site and be accepted there. Students will then be approved to apply to Bethel University and complete admissions and financial aid requirements. Students are admitted in either the fall (classes begin in August) or spring (classes begin in January) semesters.

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To learn more, please fill out the student information form.



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