Degrees and Programs and Cost

Students can choose from associate- or bachelor-level programs at a reduced cost per year, offered at local churches and organizations that are a Bethel University Extension location.

Program Options

After your site is up and running, you may wish to add new programs, increase available delivery types, and possibly, hire professors to teach face-to-face classes on site. Expanding your academic offerings is a great way to gain more interest at your site and create a vibrant student experience.

bu degrees

Associate Degrees

Bachelor's Degrees

Private Nonprofit
Four-Year Program

Bethel University
Extension Studies

Cost Savings Per Year
if you choose 
Bethel University
Extension Studies
= $24,900

Cost Breakdown

  Private nonprofit four-year BU-X Site Online / Non-traditional
Tuition and Fees*  
$28,700 $10,500
Room and Board $6,700
$35,400 $10,500**

*Based on 30 credits per year.

**Students have access to federal and state aid, including community and church-based grants.