Classes and Schedule

group of students in lecture hall

Class Format and Length

Students attend online or on-site classes at their local church. Classes are taught by BU adjunct or full-time faculty. Apprenticeships are led by church or community leaders. BU-X works with local churches to create a custom Fall and Spring semester schedule of courses that fits their programs. 

Classes are taught in a 7-week accelerated format. Classes are offered in an online, hybrid, or live on-site model depending on the demand for the class.  

Fall 2020
First Seven Weeks
Break Spring 2021
Class 1 - Online or On-Site: 3 credits   Class 3 - Online or On-Site: 3 credits
Class 2 - Online or On-Site: 3 credits   Class 4 - Online or On-Site: 3 credits
Full Semester

One Practicum Class – 3 credits (14 weeks with a week’s break in-between)*

*Not every student will be required to complete a practicum.

Course Schedule

Please visit the Bethel University Course Schedule to view available courses by term, semester, and year. 

Fall 2020 Spring 2021
1st 7 weeks: Aug. 23 - Oct. 10 1st 7 weeks: Jan. 10 - Feb. 27
2nd 7 weeks: Oct. 18 - Dec. 5 2nd 7 weeks: March 7 - April 24
Full Semester: Aug. 23 - Dec. 5 Full Semester: Jan. 10 - April 24
An online course begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday at midnight (EST).