BUX Classes & Schedule

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Class Format and Length

Students attend online or on-site classes at their local church. Classes are taught by BU adjunct or full-time faculty. Apprenticeships are led by church or community leaders. BU-X works with local churches to create a custom Fall and Spring semester schedule of courses that fits their programs. 

Classes are taught in a 7-week accelerated format. Classes are offered in an online, hybrid, or live on-site model depending on the demand for the class.  

First Seven Weeks
Break Spring
Class 1 - Online or On-Site: 3 credits   Class 3 - Online or On-Site: 3 credits
Class 2 - Online or On-Site: 3 credits   Class 4 - Online or On-Site: 3 credits
Full Semester

One Practicum Class – 3 credits (14 weeks with a week’s break in-between)*

*Not every student will be required to complete a practicum.

Course Schedule

Please visit the Bethel University Course Schedule to view available courses by term, semester, and year. 

Academic Catalog

Visit the Bethel University Academic Catalog to find details about your preferred major. 

BUX Academic Calendar (PDF download)

See the most current Academic Calendar. 

Fall 2023 Spring 2024
Session A: Aug. 20- Oct. 7 Session A: Jan. 14 - Mar. 2
Session C: Aug. 20 - Dec. 2 Session C: Jan. 14 - April 27
Session B: Oct. 15 - Dec. 2 Session B: March 10 - April 27
An online course begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday at midnight (EST).