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Bethel University is bringing Christian higher education and ministry training to communities across America through innovative and strategic connections with local churches. Bethel is meeting the needs of churches and students through education that is affordable, local, practical and fully accredited.

Site Directed

Each extension site location names and hosts its own school or academy for 18-25 year-old students around the needs of their region. Embedded in the school are fully-accredited university degree programs. Classes take place at the church, ministry, or business under the supervision of a locally hired site director.

Student Focused

The BU-X model allows students to stay in their communities while earning two-year or four-year degrees. Classroom content is integrated with semester-long practical experiences in supervised church or community-based apprenticeships.

Christ Centered

BU's mission is to transform communities through Christ-centered graduates. Every course is integrated with a biblical worldview. Students participate in weekly chapel, small groups and mentoring, and other spiritually formational activities.