Pilot Prayer Partner

women's residence hall

The Pilot Prayer Partner initiative is an exciting way for Bethel Education Department Alumni to support their alma mater!

The goal of the initiative is twofold:

  1. To create a prayer support group for Bethel University and specifically to share issues related to the Education Department with this group. We will share general requests from the university and make you aware of any specific needs that the department identifies.
  2. To develop a cadre of Pilot supporters who could serve as recruiters for the Education Department. You know firsthand what a wonderful environment Bethel provides for all its students and also the great job our faculty members do in preparing teacher candidates for the field. If you choose to join our team, we ask that you gently nudge prospective students our way; make us aware of potential students and pass on their contact information. If you are aware of current teachers who are considering a master’s degree, administrative certification, or special education licensure, we ask that you advocate for your alma mater.