Alumni Board

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About the Board

Bethel University Alumni Association goals:

  • Promote alumni relationships.
  • Engage alumni into the life of the college.
  • Encourage alumni to be ambassadors of Bethel in their world.
  • Would you like to be on the Alumni Board?

We know you have a heart for your alma mater and want to be part of positive efforts, consider applying today. The function of the alumni board is multi-pronged. Here is what we ask from our board members:

  • Pray for Bethel University
  • Attend the Alumni Board meetings
  • Help recruit students by being a positive spokesperson in your community
  • Promote new programs at the university
  • Help identify key people for prospective board members, award recipients, and potential donors
  • Represent the college well at any event
  • Give financially to the university
  • Work with, and approve, long range alumni plans and directives
  • Represent the Alumni Board at board-sponsored events

Board Members

  • Pamela Austin '14
  • Chad (Krissy) Campbell '14
  • Jamie Crothers '13
  • Joshua (Andrea) Gregory '01
  • Karen (Larry) Kijak '01
  • Wes (Meredith) Laidig '10
  • Cassie Mills ‘15
  • Edoarda (Stephen) Perez '14
  • Phil (Allison) Wagler '03
  • Harold (Faith) Knight '65
  • Matt (Elizabeth) Selge '12
  • Jean (Rob) Bjorkland '78
  • Andrea Helmuth '95
  • Ben (Joslynn) Nehls '10
  • Joe Sabo ’74
  • Jean Sabo ’75
  • Tony Fuller ‘98

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