Jorge '10 and Caron '09 Marquez
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Jorge ’10 and Caron Marquez ’09 are the 2018 Young Alumni of the Year

Jorge ’10 and Caron ’09

Young Alumni of the Year

After graduating in 2010 with a degree in Finance and Economics, Jorge and his wife Caron (B.A. International Studies) moved to his home country of Mexico to serve as full-time volunteers in Dulce Refugio orphanage. Noting the lack of discipline among teen boys, they began a soccer ministry to motivate and teach them important skills. Now in Asia, Jorge continues to use soccer to reach young men in both a maximum-security prison and a soccer academy for underprivileged kids. Jorge and Caron recently started a non-profit organization/transition home helping young men released from prison to become self-sufficient and moral citizens.

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