Dominique Dvojacki '13
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Lissa Diaz

Dominique Dvojacki ’13, a nursing graduate, is a Registered Nurse in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Saint Joseph Health System in Mishawaka, Ind., where she was offered a job during her senior year at Bethel and has worked in various departments for the last six years. While at Bethel, Dvojacki found a mentor in Financial Aid Counselor Bev Wagnerowski ’85. Wagnerowski became like a second mom to Dvojacki, who often could not go home due to commitments with the Track and Field team and her nursing schedule. Wagnerowski counseled Dvojacki in both her academic and personal life and often generously welcomed her into her home for dinner and movies.

“Bev was a huge support system while I was at Bethel and I am forever thankful.”

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