Sign Language Programs at Bethel

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You'll experience personal attention, tutoring sessions, interpreting opportunities and practicum coursework in our sign language program.

Do you talk with your hands? So do we! Sign Language Interpreters are in demand. A degree in this field can lead to exciting work in educational settings, at video relay services and in public settings, such as theatre performances or political events (one of our students interpreted for former President Barack Obama).

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Sign Language Degree Details

Sign Language Interpreting Major

Sign Language Interpreting = 120 credits (54 core + 58 major + 8 electives)

  • Years to complete: four
  • Number graduated from program: 136


Deaf Studies A.A. = 60 credits (27-28 core + 26 major + 6-7 electives)

American Sign Language = 23 credits

Real Experiences

Careers our graduates have secured

  • Educational interpreters in K-12 and post-secondary institutions in Indiana and elsewhere
  • Interpreters at video relay services and video remote interpreting companies
  • Interpreting instructors at interpreter training programs
  • Contract interpreters with profit and non-for profit agencies
  • Support Service Providers and interpreters for members of the deaf-blind community
  • Educational interpreters working abroad
  • Full-time missionaries for the deaf in Rwanda, China and Haiti; short-term missions work
  • Attorneys working with disability cases and interpreters holding SC:L certification

ASL Club

The ASL Club is advised by one of our Deaf professors with three student officers running the club. We have monthly meetings to conduct Club business with the students and provide the opportunity for them to practice their signing skills.



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Faculty & Staff

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Edwin Carrington

Edwin Carrington

Titles: ASL Dept. Chair, Assistant Prof of American Sign Language
Degrees: M.A.
Laura Maddux

Laura Maddux

Titles: Professor of American Sign Language Interpreting
Degrees: Ph.D.
Rebecca Balon

Rebecca Balon

Titles: Adjunct Prof of American Sign Language Interpreting
Degrees: B.A.
NAD IV & RID CI/CT Certification
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