Middleton Scholarship

Applies to: 

  • senior students
  • ADN (upon graduation will be seeking a BSN completion degree)
  • BSN OR BSN completion (upon graduation will be seeking a MSN degree)
  • MSN (upon graduation will be seeking a doctorate degree)

Scholarship: Middleton Endowment (Advanced Degree)

The Middleton Endowment funds are available to all senior ADN, BSN, BSN Completion, and MSN nursing students. The Middleton Endowment has two components. The first component will offer monetary scholarships to two students who are planning to pursue an advanced degree. This is not considered part of financial aid. Specific selection criteria must be met in order to qualify. The criteria to be considered for this scholarship will include:

  1. High academic standing (3.0 or above).
  2. Planning to pursue an advanced degree within 16 months of graduation.
  3. Willing attitude to achieve excellence in nursing.
  4. Positive attitude and cooperative spirit.
  5. Dependability and responsibility.
  6. Leadership qualities.
  7. Support for the Bethel College School of Nursing.
  8. Good citizenship.
  9. Maintaining the Christian standards of Bethel University.

How to apply

  1. Submit a completed online application by Jan. 31
  2. Please attach a one paragraph typed narrative that describes your future advanced education plans and when you plan to pursue these goals.