Elizabeth A. Brown Scholarship

Applies to:

  • Non-traditional age (23+)
  • Seeking BSN as a second career

Scholarship: Elizabeth A. Brown Scholarship

The Elizabeth A. Brown Scholarship has been endowed by a former Bethel University nursing faculty member who wanted to assist non-traditional students seeking a BSN in nursing as a second career. Specific selection criteria must be met in order to qualify. In addition to being non-traditional age (23+ years), the criteria to be considered for this scholarship will include:

  • Sophomore year status or above
  • Good academic standing
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Community service participation


  1. Submit a completed online scholarship application by Jan. 31.
  2. Please attach a typed narrative that includes paragraphs on each of the items below:
    • your age and previous career, including any college
    • your financial need and any financial aid received
    • how obtaining a BSN will help you achieve your goal as a second career
    • community service participation