Computer Science

Our Program & Environment

The Computer Science program at Bethel University offers students opportunities to attend national conferences, such as the International Conference on Supercomputing and the Federated Computing Research Conference, and participate in competitions such as the International Collegiate Programming Contest through the East Central North America Regional Contest.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is primarily an on-ground program at our Mishawaka, Ind., campus, designed for traditional students interested in the areas of technology and software development. If you want to be prepared to innovate, design, and build computing systems at tech-drive companies, enroll in our program today!

Upon completion of the program, graduates with a computer science degree should be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in computer science content knowledge in the areas of discrete structures, programming, algorithms, systems and software engineering.;
  • Demonstrate proficiency in writing and debugging programs in a variety of languages (including C++, Java, Python, and Visual Basic);
  • Design, implement, and optimize computer systems to solve industry-based problems; and
  • Articulate the relevance and impact of a Christian world view in addressing current issues in computer technology.

Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security Program

This offering trains graduates to work in financial, educational, corporate and government settings. Learn more about our program.