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If you’re passionate about the English language, there are many degree options to consider at Bethel University. There are also plenty of hands-on opportunities in our Student Media Center.


The Department of Literature and Language Studies at Bethel offers students the opportunity to pursue their interests and a degree in these fields:




social media

media production



public relations

teaching English

Pick Your Major

Choose a Communication degree program and work with experienced faculty who will prepare you for an exciting career working in public relations, broadcasting, print and digital marketing, social media, journalism, non-profit, ministry, and a variety of business ventures.

As you work on a bachelor of communication degree or other emphasis, explore interpersonal and intercultural communication, written, visual, and oral communication, media production, social media, and public relations. There is an emphasis on storytelling in a variety of media, and the production of a professional portfolio of artifacts that show off your skills as a communicator.

Career Possibilities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of media and communication occupations is projected to grow 6 percent from 2016 to 2026. This will result in about 43,200 new jobs as there is a growing demand for media and communications occupations. This is due to the need to create, edit, translate, and disseminate information through a variety of different platforms.*


Bethel’s bachelor of English and Writing degree major is a 36-hour immersion in reading and writing great literature. Highly interactive classes with fellow book lovers and writers, small, seminar-style workshops, and opportunities to engage the broader literary community through live theater, visiting authors, or the Festival of Faith and Writing are hallmarks of this program.

Cool jobs

Recent graduates have careers in marketing, business, teaching, editing, social media, ministry, writing and an array of roles that values creative thinking and clear oral and written communication skills.

English Education is a popular major. In addition to the 36 hours required of all English majors, education majors complete a core of classes preparing them to earn an Indiana State Teachers license.  In the past five years, every English Education graduate has had a full-time job teaching English by the Fall following their Spring graduation from Bethel, in secondary and primary education.

Teaching opportunities

Bethel English Education degree graduates teach locally, in the region, and even the world, from inner city South Bend to rural Topeka (Indiana) to Russia and South Korea.

TESOL degree (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is a 33-hour program. This English teaching program requires TESOL majors to take a core of courses in applied linguistics, teaching methods, and intercultural communication and language acquisition before completing a semester long teaching practicum.

Teach the world

Designed for students inclined in crossing cultures and teaching English as a second language to non-native speakers

The area of Humanities (30 credit hours) is a flexible, interdisciplinary major in history, philosophy, literature, and languages made up almost entirely of electives, culminating in a capstone senior project. This is a terrific double major. Capstone projects range from externally presented and published research papers on topics in the humanities, to full length memoirs and novellas, to films.

Broad and varied opportunities

Humanities major graduates have pursued graduate and seminary studies, medical school, work in marketing and publishing, and teaching overseas.

4-Year Plan

Find out exactly what you can expect in our program. Each major and minor listing has a link to the plan you'll follow to earn your degree.

Majors & Minors: 4-Year Plans

Student Media Center

The Literature and Language Department provides hands-on opportunities in writing, podcasts and more:

The Crossings – Bethel’s literary magazine publishes student creative writing online and in print. Earn credit writing, editing, managing, and publishing creative writing.

The Beacon – Bethel’s student newspaper publishes campus news online and in print. Earn credit honing your journalism skills.

Bethel Primetime – a student produced video news show where students sharpen their storytelling, video-editing, and presentation skills. Earn credit producing this campus broadcast  “TV” show.

The Flow – a collective of student-created podcasts, designed to capture the “flow” of stories at Bethel in the exciting medium of podcasting. Earn credit learning to podcast.

Whether creating a poem, a press release, a news article, a photo essay, a website, a podcast, a YouTube video, or any number of other projects, these media outlets all suggest a core value of the Literature and Language Studies department—that we are story-makers.   


Write for The Crossings Journal . . . Be inspired, imagine your own words here.

Find your (passion) through the Student Media Center . . . Work on the yearbook (The Helm), podcast (The Flow), broadcasting (Bethel Primetime) and newspaper (The Beacon).

Learn more from your academic advisor!


Faculty and Staff

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Tara Holmes

Tara Holmes

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Nan Hussey

Titles: Associate Professor of Spanish & German
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Elizabeth McLaughlin

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