Undergraduate Degrees: General Studies

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Develop your critical thinking, expand your knowledge.

General Education

This program helps students develop essential skills in written and verbal communication, analytical abilities and in critical thinking. In addition to gaining a base knowledge and appreciation for the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences, students will also develop Christian thought and physical wellness. The program includes courses in communication, mathematics, humanities/fine arts, natural sciences, social sciences/history, bible/religion and health/physical education.

Liberal Studies

For students who want to create their own major, Liberal Studies is an option that helps students expand their knowledge in more than one area. Students on this path pursue one primary and two secondary concentrations.

Faculty and Staff

Robby Prenkert

Robby Prenkert

Titles: Dean of Humanities & Social Science, Associate Professor of English & Humanities
Degrees: D.Litt.
Phone Numbers:
Work: 574.807.7143

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