Biology & Chemistry

We believe in seeing God in every aspect of the world. Intensely study God’s creation and then use that knowledge to improve the Earth around you.

Majors and Minors


Students with biology training are equipped to work in public health, natural resources, pharmaceutical industries, environmental testing and management, clinical laboratories, animal care and research and more. Our program prepares students to continue their education in a master's, doctoral or professional program.

Science Education

This degree prepares students to become certified in science content areas and meet the Indiana Department of Education teacher certification requirements. Graduates are prepared to work at the secondary level and will be equipped to work in labs, governmental positions and more.

Science Education - Physical Science

Grades 5-12


Science Education - Life Science

Grades 5-12


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

For students interested in immediate employment or more training in fields such as chemical or pharmaceutical labs, a biochemistry degree provides excellent preparation. Choose to work in the food industry, biotechnology, forensics and more. This degree usually includes the completion of a minor in chemistry.

Science Education - Physical Science

Grades 5-12


International Health

This degree will prepare and equip students to be leaders. A minimum of six weeks of international or intercultural field experience is required. There are a variety of employment options to consider, as international health majors are highly sought by government agencies and non-profit groups. We also offer a 4+1 master of public health (MPH) program. 


A chemistry degree provides strong preparation for immediate careers in industry, government and education. Most chemistry majors continue in graduate or professional programs. Employment opportunities could include regulatory affairs, forensic science, environmental compliance, personal care products, medicinal chemistry and more.

Pre-Professional Programs

Get prepared for advanced training with our pre-professional classes. Courses will equip you to go into medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, pharmacy and work as a physician's assistant. Most medical schools require one year each of biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry and physics, and sometimes calculus.

Opportunities at Bethel

  • Small school advantage: Every student has the opportunity to do research
  • Integrate faith and science
  • All labs taught by professors
  • A balanced program allows time for other activities, like sports, music or theatre
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Campus involvement
  • Community programs

Life After Bethel

  • 100 percent pass rate on Indiana teacher licensure exams
  • Graduate in four years (or less) AND 100 percent employment rate
  • Strong advisory board support
  • Good placement for master’s, Ph.D. and other professional programs
  • 2015 class – 11 out of 12 went on to an advanced program

Faculty and Staff

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Janna McLean

Janna McLean

Titles: Dean of Arts & Sciences, Professor of Biology
Beth Kroa

Beth Kroa

Titles: Biology and Chemistry Chair, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Degrees: Ph.D.
Vicki DeBolt

Vicki DeBolt

Titles: Assistant Professor of Biology
Degrees: DO
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