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*All includes all sections
*Traditional includes all but those in Adult
*Adult includes section numbers 88, 89, 94-99, X3, X4 & X7
*Graduate includes section numbers 30, 31, 93, X7, X8 & X9

Bethel University reserves the right to cancel or to make any changes that conditions may require (e.g. room assignments or fees).


  1. AC - Miller/Moore Academic Center
  2. ARTC - Art Center
  3. ASC - Academic Support Center
  4. B - Bowen Library
  5. CC - Dining Commons
  6. CS - Ceramics Studio
  7. ELK - Elkhart Campus
  8. FA - Everest-Rohrer Chapel/Fine Arts Center
  9. G - Goodman Gymnasium
  10. S - Middleton Hall of Science
  11. W - Wiekamp Athletic Center