Interdisciplinary Studies

This liberal arts degree program is designed to allow the student to reach their personal educational goals.

We also offer the B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies fully online.

Program Features

Required Courses

Admission Requirements

Tuition and Fees

Adult and Graduate Tuition

Tuition Charges
Nontraditional Programs = $405 per credit hour
Nursing BSN Degree Completion = $405 per credit hour
Graduate Programs
Ministry/Theology = $315 per credit hour
Education = $395 per credit hour
Transition-to-Teaching = $395 per credit hour
Other (MA, MBA, MSN, MAC) = $455 per credit hour

Service Assessment (per semester) for all programs:

  • Full-time undergraduate nontraditional students: $175
  • Full-time graduate students: $150
  • All part-time students: $125
  • Summer school: $125

Financial Aid and Payment Plan Options

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Ashlyn Havens

Ashlyn Havens

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