Kenton Leidy '18

Kenton Leidy '18
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3/2 Engineering Program

B.S., Math/Physics, Bethel College
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Notre Dame

Kenton Leidy ’18 is a graduate of Bethel’s innovative 3/2 engineering program, where students spend three years at Bethel, earning a degree in Math and Physics, and two years at Trine University or the University of Notre Dame, earning a degree in Engineering. In Leidy’s case, he transferred to the University of Notre Dame to study Mechanical Engineering, and currently works as an engineer with Zimmer Biomet in Warsaw, Ind., testing instrument cases.

Leidy found his transition from Bethel to Notre Dame to be a seamless one, even though he initially had some fears about going to such a large school. However, he says he was just as prepared as everyone else in his classes, and that was due, in large part, to the small class sizes and faculty access he had at Bethel.

“The professors here at Bethel had a really big impact on me. What I found is that with smaller classes, there were less students and I could more easily get in contact with professors, so to get help with homework was really common and pretty easy.”

Leidy also experienced spiritual transformation at Bethel that will stay with him for life.

“Bethel is a really dear place to me. It’s where I became a Christian and where I met many of my friends … in addition to that, I think the benefits of the community and the spiritual atmosphere are really great, too. Bethel really knows the importance of developing people academically, but also relationally and spiritually as well.”

Learn more about Bethel’s 3/2 engineering program, in partnership with Trine University and the University of Notre Dame here.

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