Helping Players Develop A Mental Six Pack

Helping Players Develop A Mental Six Pack
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Lissa (Grashorn) Diaz '07

Pepe Galvan ’05 lives his life with a drive and purpose to help athletes reach their performance goals. That’s why he founded Six Pack Mental (6PM), a high-performance mental coaching business that works with players and teams, including professional and World Cup athletes, to increase their mental game.

Since beginning his business in 2011, Galvan has worked with an estimated 1,000 players and coaches for individual and team performance coaching. He also does marketing/event planning for teams.

In the future, Galvan hopes to use his knowledge gained from working with the world of soccer and apply it to the business world, offering mental performance training to entrepreneurs and businesses.

“The most rewarding thing is that most people tell me it’s impossible … there are all of these obstacles … when people say they can’t do it, I say, people told me the same thing, but I did it. If I can do it, you can do it.”

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