Alumni of the Year: Len ‘93 and Marci ‘92 Morris

Alumni of the Year: Len ‘93 and Marci ‘92 Morris
Susan Miller

Len and Marci Morris are passionate Christ followers. After eight years of getting paid to do ministry, they decided to launch a business so they could have a different platform for ministry. Len's degree is in Biblical Studies and he wouldn't trade his study of Bible for any training in numbers and spreadsheets. Marci graduated with a degree in elementary education and has since performed every role in ministry and business. She once officiated a funeral and has made both fun and hard business decisions. She ran the books for the company until her retirement a few months ago.

In 2001, the couple cashed in $16,000 of IRA savings and launched a business in an old hog barn. The business failed after about one-and-a-half years. They tried again. This business moved along (barely) for about 15 years. In 2016, they started to catch their stride.  

Today, Len and Marci are active in 12 different business ventures, employing around 400 people, with over two dozen of them Bethel alumni. Both of their adult sons work in the business. The minimum pay in their business is $25 per hour.

Len and Marci run their business with this motto, "Our products are long lasting, but people are eternal and we promise to treat them that way."

The couple has three children. Their two sons are married and have blessed them with three grandchildren (soon to be four). They also have a 14-year-old daughter still at home.

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