Fourth GREAT Job Gathering

Lissa Diaz

On May 3, 2016, several Bethel employees were recognized at a special reception for doing an exceptional job in living out the GREATer priorities.


Norm Spivey, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Chair of the Psychology Department


pictured, l-r: President Gregg Chenoweth, Ph.D., Vice President for Business Services David Armstrong, Ed.D., Vice President for Academic Services, Barb Bellefeuille, Ed.D., Spivey, Vice President for Student Development Shawn Holtgren, Ph.D., and Vice President for Adult and Graduate Studies Toni Steffensen Pauls, Ph.D.

Norm Spivey is doing several things to help grow his department, and other departments have begun to follow his lead.  Customized T-shirts, personal notecards each month, alumni success stories, demonstrating faith-integration at work in the curricula, course lists relevant to their visit day interests, are all examples of his fantastic efforts.  All these initiatives show that Norm is not just supervising, but he is leading!

Retention Project Team


pictured, l-r: Chenoweth, Business Office Director Howard Patterson, Director of  Career Development Matthew Stackowicz, Director of Administrative Computing Harold Rodgers, Dean of Humanities and Social Science Bradley Smith, Ph.D., Bellefeuille, Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Enrollment Andrea Helmuth, Registrar Jeanne Fox, Director of Financial Aid Jody Walker, Director of Student Life Julie Beam, Holtgren, Pauls, Vice President for Institutional Advancement Rick Munroe CFRE and Armstrong

This team moved Bethel's spring 2016 enrollment from the lowest in three years to the highest in four years. They implemented some "high touch" strategies and developed some new, creative ways to reach students. In just 30 days they extended the hope of a college education to 50 more students who otherwise would have been lost to attrition and increased revenue by $350,000. 


Bill and Debbie Jones, Missionaries in Residence


pictured, l-r: Chenoweth, Bellefeuille, Armstrong, Bill Jones, Debbie Jones, Holtgren, Pauls, and Munroe

Bill & Debbie Jones have been faithfully working with as many as 40 Bethel College student mentors now in full-time missions service.  In addition, they have trained more than 1,000 people in the “Breaking Free” material, doing everything possible to create conditions for Revival at Bethel.


Vickie Pennington, Housekeeping


pictured, l-r: Chenoweth, Armstrong, Pennington, Bellefeuille, Holtgren, Pauls, and Munroe

Vickie Pennington went above and beyond (on a cold and rainy day) to help the mother of a current student who was on campus, looking for some Bethel-themed items to give her son for Christmas. The mother sent in a letter describing how the bookstore was closed, but she saw Vickie walking out of a building, and how happy she was to help her, walking her around, and making sure she found exactly what she was looking for.  This is an example of earning an Encore by surprising people with excellence and creativity!  

Terry Linhart, Ph.D., Professor of Youth Ministry and Chair of the Religion and Philosophy Department


pictured, l-r: Chenoweth, Armstrong, Linhart, Bellefeuille, Holtgren, and Pauls

Terry Linhart lead the creation of the new Worship Arts Degree, including the formation of HCM Records, the production of our first recording (which included taking a number of students to Nashville to meet with some notable people) and gaining notoriety for the album's acceptance on local media.

Matthew Stackowicz, Director of Career Development


pictured, l-r: Chenoweth, Bellefeuille, Armstrong, Stackowicz, Holtgren, Pauls, and Munroe

Matt Stackowicz did an outstanding job remodeling the Career Services Room (AC 316), making it an inviting place for students and business leaders to meet and work.  He also organized a successful Job Fair in which more than 100 employers were on campus to talk with our students.  In addition, he has been helping students prepare for their careers with mock interviews, resume writing assistance, and other professional coaching – thus earning an Encore. 


BIG Room Design Team


pictured, l-r: Chenoweth, Director of Campus Safety Paul Neel, Associate Director of Data Management for Traditional Enrollment Stephanie Hochstetler, Walker, Assistant Director of Physical Plant Miriam Wertz, Stackowicz, Senior Director of IT Patti Fisher and Associate Professor of English Robby Prenkert, Ph.D. 

The BIG Room Design Team implemented one of Bethel's first innovation projects, developing a campus space that gives faculty, staff and students a place to meet and discuss innovative ideas that will help grow Bethel's influence. The room was thoughtfully designed to be a physical representation of the commitment to create a culture of innovation on Bethel's campus, and to provide an environment that enables and encourages new ideas. 


Johan Godwalt, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts


pictured, l-r: Chenoweth, Bellefeuille, Armstrong, Godwalt, Holtgren, Pauls, and Munroe

Johan Godwalt has done  great deal of work, designing sets adn lights over the last six years at Bethel and for other companies. He was recently invited to do the lighting for a production at Florida State University, which is a Top 10 Theater program in America (this is akin to a faculty member invited to do a lecture series elsewhere).  There have been a number of other national theatre design awards given to students over the past few years, showing how Johan’s leadership and creativity are helping Testify to what God is doing on campus at Bethel College.