Bethel University Participates in Collegiate Day of Prayer

Lissa Diaz

Thursday, Feb. 27 is the annual Collegiate Day of Prayer in the United States, a day when corporate, organized prayer has taken place for almost 200 years. In honor of the day, the Bethel community will gather together in prayer and ask God for revival at Bethel and on campuses across the nation.

“We believe God wants to do great things among us. We hope to see you in the Shiloh Prayer Chapel throughout the day as we pray for our campus and campuses across our nation,” says the Student Life Team.

The day will culminate with a Community Worship Service at 8 p.m. in the Kelly Auditorium.

See below for a full list of events:

6-8 a.m. - Sunrise Service
8-9 a.m. - Prayer Experience
11 a.m.-1 p.m. - Afternoon Service
1-2 p.m. - Collective Prayer
2-3 p.m. - Prayer Experience
3-4 p.m. - Personal Prayer
4-5 p.m. - Prayer Experience
5-7 p.m. - Sunset Service
8 p.m. - Community Worship Service*

*This event will take place in Kelly Auditorium. All other events will take place in the Shiloh Prayer Chapel on campus.

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