Bethel University Extension Studies Partners with Youth For Christ

Lissa Diaz

Bethel University announces an exciting partnership with Youth For Christ (YFC) USA, which will allow YFC staff members around the USA to complete a college education at a reduced rate. YFC has become an extension site with Bethel University Extension Studies (BU-X). The initiative will allow YFC staff and volunteers to enroll at Bethel University for an online program to earn a fully accredited associate or bachelor’s degree. It will also allow recently graduated high school seniors who are interested in joining the YFC staff to participate while serving in a local YFC USA chapter.

“Youth For Christ is one of the premier evangelical ministry organizations in the world and Bethel University is thrilled for this partnership to help them further their mission around the USA and beyond,” says Barb Bellefeuille, Ed.D., interim president of Bethel University.

BU-X delivers affordable degrees via online courses and practicum experiences on-site at churches and organizations. One of the hallmarks of the program is a semester-long practicum, which is a combination of reading, structured reflection and supervised practice that offers students hands-on education while providing churches and organizations with help. Learn more at

“Our strategic plan calls for an investment in our leaders. And I pray that this partnership with Bethel University will help usher in an era of doing just that. There’s been evidence that the Lord has been in this from the very beginning. Christ is glorified through Kingdom partnerships, and collectively we get to invest in the next generations,” said YFC President and CEO Jacob Bland in a news release.

Bland also announced that fundraising has been secured by YFC USA so that the first 100 students to enroll in the program will receive a $3,600 matching scholarship in their first year. An anonymous donor has given $360,000 to the initiative to jump start participation for YFC students.

“Bethel University has had a rich connection to Youth For Christ for many years. YFC’s decision to provide their already superbly trained staff with the opportunity to continue their work while earning a college degree from Bethel University – well that’s just brilliant! Bethel University gains motivated missional students to continue to transform every community they touch for Christ. We couldn’t be happier to further our support of Youth For Christ, and we look forward to how God will use this path to raise up many future YFC staff members," says Bellefeuille.

About Youth For Christ
Youth For Christ reaches young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ, and commitment to social involvement, Learn more at

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