Bethel students to experience physical disability for a day through class

Lissa Diaz

Steve Govorko, adjunct professor of kinesiology, is partnering with Aleck’s Home Medical to raise awareness of the struggles of persons with physical disabilities. On Tues., Sept. 18, 10 of his PE Methods for Elementary Students class will use wheelchairs from Aleck’s to get around campus for the afternoon, and then journal about their experience. The class will meet at 2 p.m. in room 100, in the Wiekamp Athletic Center on Bethel’s campus, to get their wheelchairs.

“I want all my students moving and having fun, regardless of their disability,” said Govorko.

He originally thought of this idea when, before coming to Bethel, he had two students with disabilities in P.E. class and wanted to make sure to include them no matter the challenge.

As part of the awareness experience, Govorko will give students a worksheet with different tasks students must complete while in the wheelchair. After the day is done, each of them will write a reflection on their experience.

“I am excited for the experience, and I hope that I develop a better understanding on what it’s like living in a wheelchair,” stated Kali Hilliard, one of the students participating.