Bethel Opens Pilot Production Studio

Lissa Diaz

A dedication was held Nov. 28 for the Pilot Production Studio, a One Button Studio concept originally conceived by Penn State University and created at Bethel College through the collaboration of three departments: Adult and Graduate Studies, Center for Academic Success and Information Technology. 

The room is designed to make professional recording ridiculously simple: just plug in a flash drive, press the start button, record, press the stop button and remove the flash drive. The room is set up with a video camera, soundproofing, professional-grade microphones, studio lighting, and a touch-screen monitor, on which individuals can project a presentation or background photo. It meets a need for campus recordings without the expensive production cost.  

The studio may be used by students, faculty and staff for everything from preparing for presentations and practicing interviewing skills, to developing material for online courses, employee training, staging recruitment videos and more. 

“I’m excited to see the creative ways in which faculty can use this studio as a means of student assessment,” says Director of the Center for Academic Success Rachel Kennedy. “The Pilot Production Studio will be very beneficial for faculty who teach online courses to make quality recordings of lectures and other instructions, but there are dozens of ways in which Bethel as a campus can benefit from the presence of this studio.”  

Bethel’s Pilot Production Studio is located in the basement of the Academic Center, adjacent to the Learning Commons. It is now open for use by students, faculty and staff.