Bethel College to Launch New Majors On-Ground and Online for Fall 2019

Lissa Diaz

Bethel College will launch three new on-ground programs and three online programs in Fall 2019. These include Computer Sciences, Business Marketing and English as a New Language on-ground, and Cyber Security, Business Marketing and a Master’s in Sport Administration online.

Computer Science, an on-ground program, was created in response to the increasing local, regional and national demand for professionals skilled in the areas of technology and software development, and builds on Bethel’s existing Computer Science minor. Grants are funding the renovation of current classroom space into two dedicated computer labs – one instructional lab with about 25 stations and one collaboration lab for teamwork case studies. Learn more at

The Bethel College Education Department will launch a new major and minor, English as a New Language (ENL), Fall 2019. This on-campus program is designed to meet the needs of area schools for general education teachers who can better lead increasingly diverse classrooms. Bethel students who graduate with this major can become licensed and certified in ENL, which makes them more marketable to employers. Students minoring in ENL will develop skills to better interact with students where English is a new language. Learn more at

Business Marketing (online and on campus) will prepare students seeking a career in marketing, advertising and retail. Of the majors not offered by Bethel, Marketing is the major most requested by prospective business students. Learn more at and

A new, 100 percent online major, Cyber Security, meets the need for experts in this growing field. Students will learn the newest techniques for cyber security, including system architecture, hacking, countermeasures and cyber forensics. It will prepare students to tackle challenges associated with the collection, use and security of data in computer networks.

“We prepare students who can tackle with expertise and integrity the challenges posed by cyber technology, particularly those associated with the collection, use, and security of data in computer networks,” says Chair of the Department of Mathematical & Engineering Sciences Alice Ramos, Ph.D.  

Curriculum is advised and developed by industry experts; there are very few programs like this in our region. Learn more at

The Master’s in Sport Administration will have an emphasis on Intercollegiate Athletics compliance. At this time, Bethel is the only college offering this course 100 percent online.

“Intercollegiate athletics compliance is a degree that consistently provides qualified graduates with immediate job opportunities and will set them apart from others in the field who have general sport management or sport administration degrees," says Enzley Mitchell, chair of the Kinesiology Department. Learn more at

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