Bethel College presents “Operatic Irregulars”

Lissa Diaz

Bethel College will present “Operatic Irregulars,” a performance filled with fast-paced comedy, on Sept. 7 and 8 at 7:30 p.m. in the Everest-Rohrer Chapel/Fine Arts Center – Auditorium, 1001 Bethel Circle, Mishawaka, Ind. Admission is free.

Students will present “A Fable and a Farce,” a pair of short American comic operas. Each work, written during the 1950s and sung in English, features four singers, a minimal set, and rapid comic action.

The first opera (the “fable”) is “A Game of Chance” by Seymour Barab. Three dispirited women, knitting to pass the time, lament their empty dreams. One wants to be “awfully, terribly, horribly, filthily rich!” Another yearns for “intoxicating fame,” while the third claims that “happiness for me is with my love”— except that he “is far away.” Enter the Representative. Actually, he enters three times, each entrance being to grant one woman her heart’s desire. One by one, they celebrate success and make their ecstatic exits. Will they remain happy?

The second opera (the “farce”) is “Gallantry,” a parody of a 1950s television soap opera, set in a hospital. Immediately after an opening commercial by the Announcer, Doctor Gregg is found passionately—and unsuccessfully—wooing a reluctant Nurse Lola. Her professional respect for him is not matched by affection, for she is engaged to Donald, an office worker in the same hospital. After a word from another sponsor, we meet Donald, who is now a patient—and in the care of the jealous Doctor Gregg! Will we find out what becomes of him before the close of the episode? Tune in to find out.

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