Bethel College Kinesiology Professor Releases Book, “Power Play: Empowerment of the African American Student-Athlete”

Lissa Diaz
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Department Chair Enzley Mitchell IV, Ph.D., released his book, “Power Play: Empowerment of the African American  Student-Athlete,” last week.

The self-published book proposes two reforms to the present commercialization of NCAA Division I football and basketball and the exploitation of African-American student-athletes.

"The reader will discover how race, politics, equity and other issues make the question of whether or not to share revenue with student-athletes a difficult issue to tackle,” says Mitchell.

In this book, Mitchell presents detailed data about revenue generation in college sports, as well as compelling reasons on why student-athletes in the revenue-producing sports of Division I football and basketball are exploited, and why it happens most often to African-American students.

He provides a real funding model for fair revenue distribution and compensation for Division I student-athletes in revenue sports. He also proposes real alternatives for elite student-athletes in all sports to achieve their professional goals and earn a degree without contributing to commercialization of college sports and exploitation of student-athletes.

Additionally, he explains how some African-American students are complicit in their own exploitation and how to stop this practice, and recommends ways that all student-athletes can use their collective power and voice to implement changes.

"Those who read Power Play will feel compassion for many African-American student-athletes who play Division I football and basketball. Readers will learn a little bit about the plantation system that exists in Division I intercollegiate athletics and how this system continues to exist based in part by the free labor provided by some student-athletes," says Mitchell. “This is a must read for any student-athlete, not just current and prospective African-American student-athletes and their families."

In addition to teaching, with an emphasis on Sport Management, Mitchell is the owner of EKM Sports and Entertainment, LLC. He combines his passion for helping young people pursue their dreams of attending college, participating in intercollegiate athletics, and educating families through a College Success Program called PrepSearch. He formed PrepSearch and developed the College Success Program after working in intercollegiate athletics as a basketball coach and director of athletics for over 15 years.

In addition to over 15 years’ experience in intercollegiate athletics, Mitchell served as a certified contract advisor and player agent for the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) and worked as a head professional basketball coach in Europe. His corporate experience includes positions in banking as a licensed representative with Chase and KeyBank and assistant vice president for Nelnet.

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