Bethel College Hosts Summer Institute for Teachers

Lissa Diaz

Registration is open for the Summer Institute for Teachers, hosted annually by Bethel College. The institute will be held June 20-22 and those participating can earn up to 18 professional growth points (PGPs) or three graduate credits.

“The Summer Institute is designed to be highly interactive and engaging, allowing teachers to share new ideas and learn from each other,” says Kristie Cerling, Ed.D., program director for education. “We have really interesting speakers and organizations with whom we are working this year, and I’m excited about what they’ll bring to the sessions.”

Topics include:

Improving Schools: What Works?

June 20 for one credit hour, or six PGPs

This session is geared toward educators who are looking for best practices to use in their classrooms to improve instruction and increase student achievement. All educators are inundated with “research” from so-called experts telling them what should work. This session will help you cut through to what is essential and really will work for your classroom. The strategies you’ll explore will be those with the greatest impact on your students and classroom. The presenters will focus on interactive strategies to keep you engaged while you discover ways to infuse technology into your classroom, use data and strategic assessments to guide instruction, investigate research-based best instructional practice, and so much more! By the end of the session, you will be able to answer that question – Improving Schools: What Works?  


Brain-Based Strategies for Growing Grit and Academic Achievement

June 21 for one credit hour, or six PGPs

This highly interactive workshop dives into the latest research on Grit and the power of teaching through the lens of the growth mindset. As highlighted by Grit studies, IQ scores are not the only determinant student success. Personality traits such as curiosity, conscientiousness, self-control, confidence, creativity, luck, perseverance, resilience, and hardiness, etc.,, make up 40-60 percent of differences in students’ academic outcomes. So how do students grow in those other factors? In this workshop, educators will be equipped with knowledge, skills, resources, and support needed to explore and practice dynamic evidence-based strategies to grow these non-cognitive factors in their classroom.

Key Takeaways: Learn the latest research on teaching practices infused with Grit and the growth mindset. Explore implications of research through highly interactive resources, challenges, and initiatives. Apply evidence-based practices by co-creating a personal classroom management plan.


Strength-Based Strategies for Student Engagement & Discipline in the Classroom

June 22 for one credit hour, or six PGPs

This highly interactive workshop invites participants to discover how a deeper awareness of personality temperament influences the ability to break through barriers to connect with students. Research shows the power of personality temperament for developing relationships with students characterized by strong emotional attachment that increases motivation for learning. Participants will experience the True Colors©personality assessment with experiential tools to grow relationships in the classroom. Research shared will also show how an educator’s understanding of temperament can be applied to strength-based discipline in the classroom.

Key Takeaways: Discover how deeper understanding of personality temperament strengthens connections with students. Gain practical student engagement resources and tools for strength-based discipline for immediate implementation in the classroom. Apply evidence-based practices by co-creating a personal classroom management plan. 


Daily agenda is as follows:

8-8:30 a.m.            Registration and coffee

8:30-noon              Morning session

Noon-12:45 p.m.   Lunch (included in fee)

12:45-3:30 p.m.     Afternoon session

The deadline to submit your application and payment in full is June 1. Cancellations after June 5 will be charged a fee of $25 per day. An application and pricing information may be found For questions, please contact Keara Ruble at 574.807.7574 or